The Clitoris

Clitoral anatomy is often not taught in schools. Reproductive organs are studied. But what of the clitoris? Below are Betty’s beautifully vivid diagrams of the external and internal clitoris. Have you ever heard of the g-spot? The commonly referenced spot is the back of the clitoris. It’s all the clitoris. And never too late to become friends with your clitoris.

Betty’s Painting Clit Flowers
Half the World Has a Clitoris. Why Don’t Doctors Study It?
This New York Times article is heartbreaking to read. Times are changing. The Clitoris is deserving of study and understanding.
Betty Dodson Bodysex Goddess
The Still Misunderstood Shape of the Clitoris
An Article on The Atlantic about the internal and external clitoris. Finally exposing misconceptions about female genital anatomy
Betty’s vision for Bodysex
The Clitoris, Uncovered: An Intimate History
This article in the Scientific American delves into the history of the clitoris. It took 2,000 years to be discovered!