Online and in-person Yoga

Practice Yoga with me!

Betty practiced yoga!

Are you interested in a workshop but are nervous? Taking a yoga class with me is a great, stress-free way to meet me. My guiding philosophy in my yoga practice is the same as a Bodysex workshop. I believe that liberation and self-pleasure are our birthrights. My yoga classes are accessible. I often hear, “I can’t practice yoga; I’m not flexible.” There are no prerequisites to yoga. The only requirement is that you breathe and embody this present moment. And that’s challenging. We exist in an anxious, superficial culture. Spending a lot of time online, specifically in social media spaces, you may have felt disembodied or disconnected from your true, authentic, beautiful self. Yoga and Bodysex ask you to come home.

I want these classes to be affordable and accessible. Suggested donation of 5$ a class would be wonderful but as of now, it’s pay what you can.

Payment options:

  1. PayPal:
  2. Venmo: @Kayfors94
  3. Cash app: $Kayfors9
  4. Cash if in person class

Practices offered:

– Yin Yoga restful practice
– Active practice (accessible and beginner friendly)
– Yoga Nidra

Kaylea Forsythe
Yoga Teacher in Ithaca, NY

In addition to Bodysex, I’m a certified Yoga teacher. I’ve completed my 200 hour with Yoga Farm Ithaca and am in the process of my 300 hour with Susana Barkataki and the Ignite team.

I’m based in Ithaca New York and prefer not to work in a studio. I love one-on-one sessions and offering yoga over zoom to friends and loved ones.