Artwork and Creative Pursuits

Unsurprisingly, the sacral chakra, located below the navel, is associated with sexuality and creativity. Connecting to your body and your pleasure is a radical act of self-love and creative expression. Below I’ve included examples of art I’ve created. I’m self-taught, and my favorite medium is oil pastel portraits. I love tactile mediums as well. Printmaking, wood burning, and painting are all art processes I dabble in. Sharing anything we’ve created is vulnerable. Many of these are works in progress. Fall in love with learning and imperfection; there will be no limits to what you can create.

Oil Pastel Portraits

I love making oil pastel portraits. As such I figured I’d offer commissions! Each portrait is 100$ and I can only recreate humans. I have had requests for pet portraits and I’ll be trying to create a few so stay tuned.

My Depop Shop

Here’s a link to my Depop shop as I’m in the process of going through my closet. All of these ways to support me are funding dreams of making Bodysex worldwide and accessible.

Zines on Etsy

This is a link to my upcoming etsy shop. My next artistic endeavor will be transforming essays I’ve written into zines with illustrations. Coming soon!