Gallery of Joy

The following is a Gallery of photos that I adore. Pictures with Carlin Ross and Betty Dodson are from 2017 and 2018, when I first began my Bodysex journey. Only two years before Betty’s passing in 2020. She was and is my hero. Other pictures describe the indescribable; body acceptance I never thought I’d have and similar joys that come with the community and friendship I’ve found in the Bodysex community.

Vibrator Goddess by Betty Dodson

My Profile on

This is a link to my profile on You can find other leaders all over the globe. There are multiple galleries dedicated to Betty’s life and art.

Delicate Begonia Flower

Kaylea Forsythe Substack

I’ll be posting writing on this website occasionally. My substack is where all writing will go, including write-ups of workshops, musings about living in a digital world, and notes on trauma and healing. Coming soon!

Naked Joy

The Bodysex Effect

Can you tell that I love this picture? Learning to love my body and accept myself didn’t happen overnight. If you haven’t read my Bodysex journey click the link above.